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About My Practice

A Journey of Discovery.


I'm Etta.

 I’ve been a 500hr RYT certified Yoga Instructor since 2017.

I'm a qualified level one reiki practitioner and have been practicing meditation since 2015.

Through my previous job in Broadcast Sales I first found meditation completing 'Will Williams Meditation' course, London. 

Specialising in Vedic meditation, I learnt the purpose of the meditation practice and all associated knowledge is,

  • to empower the individual

  • to ever-greater connectivity

  • with themselves,

  • with others

  • and the universe,

  •  connecting to your own unique purpose in life 

  • enabling you to live your fullest, experiencing your wholeness.

Meditation is universal knowledge that is available to all humans who wish to access it. There are no rules.

There is no ownership of the pathway. There is no set of beliefs one must adopt. 

Vedic meditation is a methodology that arose in ancient north India around 10,000 years ago. It is the oldest technique still alive in the world today

and stems from the incredibly advanced Vedic civilisation that gave birth to so much knowledge and wisdom in India and beyond.

This is the culture that gave us mathematics, Surgery, Yoga and the wonderful body of knowledge known as Ayurveda. Vedic insights into Physics were also incredibly profound and way ahead of their time and their understanding of Neuroscience was remarkable. In fact, we in the West are only just catching up now. It isn’t even considered Vedic knowledge by those who contributed to this vast and profound knowledge base. It is simply universal knowledge that has been articulated by humans who happened to be geographically located in India.

Since learning these techniques, meditation has had a profound impact on my life. I find it to be something that

reconnects & uplifts the soul, rejuvenates, gives strength,

vitality and energy to the everyday experience. 

I progressed, learning more, venturing into deeper areas, the more I practiced, the more my consciousness expanded.

It felt like my subconscious had found what it had been searching for.

The truth. Within a year or so after meditation, I found yoga.

Inspiring me to align further with my inner being and the energy within me, I started a new journey. Leaving my career in media sales and headed to York to run True Story Cafe with my family. 

Captivated by the philosophy of yoga, fixed on uncovering the truths, wanting to deepen my personal practice & knowledge led me on a path to

India's School Of Santhi, Kerala 'for the serious spiritual seekers' to complete my 200 hours Teachers Training.

Leaving this experience, I knew I wanted to inspire and empower others through Yoga and meditation.

One year later, I arrived at Goa's 

Sampoorna yoga 'for the mind, body, soul' to complete my 300 hours Vinyasa Flow Teachers Training.

In 2019 I headed to Ibiza to study the Yin side of yoga with Kata van Doesselaar. Completing the 200hrs TTC Advance Yin Immersion training. 

The foundation of my practice combines my passion for the yang invigorating, reviving, physical flow, with the yin, journey within, reconnecting, finding my centre, the inner wisdom, releasing impurities, with an awakening, inner awareness and meditative spiritual evolution. Lead by the philosophy of yoga. 

Leaving me feeling grounded, clear, connected, light & free. By integrating Philosophy, body, breath, movement, and meditation, I strive to promote an understanding of the inter dependency of all these aspects in personal empowerment and awakening consciousness. Both on and off the mat, connecting mind, body, soul, we raise our awareness, our vibration.

Going on a journey of self realisation and discovery. Through Yoga and  meditation, I believe we can start remembering who and how we are meant to be.

Reconnecting with our inner being, the greatest teacher within us all. Realigning with nature, connecting to our higher selves. Living from the heart space, of which we have complete control. Living from a space of pure possibility. That which is unconditional love. Remembering we hold the key to all creation because we are it. We simply need to remember and acknowledge that, we are the divine. The greater life force intelligence. You have the power to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, you have the facility & ability to focus.

The road of yoga is endless - it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. I value each and every person who joins my class, It is an honour and my privileged and I look forward to helping you along the journey.​ The secret is in the now. The future is now.




True Story. Yoga

True Story. Cafe,
18 Lord Mayor's Walk,
YO31 7HA, UK

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