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Designed For You. Now streaming to you live online.

During this time I have made all of my classes available for you to join and stream live online.

Please book your class as normal and join me live online via Zoom.

Thank you & take care.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Etta xx


Yin Yang Flow


Guided Meditation

Slower Flow with Yin Holds.

Yin yang flow is perfect for students looking for a slower deeper mind-body experience on the mat. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your mind and body with this meditative immersion practice. Go ahead and book today.

Waterfall Pose

Vinyasa Flow


Guided Meditation

Surrender to the Mat.

Alignment, meditation & flow centers you to dive deeper into your practice.
The focus is on the inner connection
and breath, and a special emphasis on  technique helps you refine your form and the experience.
This is a popular one, go ahead and book today.

Young attractive woman practicing yoga,

Slow Flow


Guided Meditation

Slower, let it go, detox flow.

Relax into a soothing sequence, covering all the basics, with a deep energy clearing, detox flow, focusing on twists and longer hold stretches that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Book online today.


Yin. Restorative Yoga


Guided Meditation

Journey within with the healing, nourishing, current of Yin.

Surrender the mind and land into a space of stillness. Witness, observe, discover, unravel and embrace the present moment, and the present self, with this deep immersion practice into self. Longer hold poses, suitable for all levels of student. A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular yang flow.

Young attractive woman practicing yoga,


Relax & Renew.

Perfect for students looking for a meaningful mind-body-soul experience on and off the mat.
Get ready to stretch and strengthen your powers of equanimity and consciousness.
Awakening awareness.
Developing an inner connection to our innate wisdom.
Go ahead and book today.

Image by Lesly Juarez

Private Parties
Group Bookings

Contact for bespoke time.
Tailored to You.

Grab some bespoke private one on or couples yoga sessions to refine and renew.

Book for a group or private party.

Focused around developing an individual experience.

Slots available or get in touch to plan your session.

Warrior One

Yoga for everyone.

This weeks theme. Experience Your Joy. S

True Story. Yoga

Yoga. Meditation. Consciousness. 

Mind. Body. Soul.

Awakening. Awareness.


Yoga is a journey to the self, through the self. A journey of self realisation, of self discovery.


You may not be aware of everything yoga has to offer, not only for the body but also for the mind and our deeper consciousness and higher awareness.  It is important to notice the greater spiritual tradition that forms its core. Besides an exercise system of body postures (asanas), yoga contains an entire philosophy and way of life that addresses the purpose of our existence and our higher potential, both individually and collectively as a species. Looking into who we really are deep within, our awareness of existence located in the heart, behind the veils of body and mind origin. 

Yoga reflects an entire set of consciousness raising practices that includes meditation and breath control (pranayama). It is not concerned so much with the physical pursuit of fitness, but more extending beyond, with the experiences of postures, with breath control and spiritual development. Developing a yogic mind, a different dimension of awareness and self realisation.

Yoga is a sacred science of body, mind, and spirit. A spiritual quest to know the inner reality of the universe. The highest truth.

Yoga & meditation are techniques

"calming the modifications of the mind" Patanjali. Allowing the student to abide from the higher self, helping experience your ultimate well being. Giving you access to your own innate resources, so that you can do whatever your soul is calling you for, in the most profound way. To feel your wholeness, your inner being & fulfill your purpose in life. Reaching beyond temporary material fulfillment. Experiencing the true nature of reality, which is universal. An unbounded realm.


Just taking this one step to start, creating a change, the journey has already begun.

Raising our vibration, evolving, bringing in fresh energy, we create space for new things to grow and nurture in our lives. 

Start your journey to self discovery. Come and join the practice. Vinyasa Flow & Guided Meditation or Yin Yoga will leave you knowing

this is exactly where you are meant to be.

Email to join the team. It is always my honour to guide you through your practice. 


​Your decisions today, will define your tomorrow...


"With each decision, I create my future..."

Etta Murrell